7 Reasons you Should Be Using a Receipt App and Accounting Software

Technology is an important part of today’s world. The automation of processes through software facilitates many jobs and saves time.

Not only that, thanks to software, the margin of error that can be generated from human work is significantly reduced. So, it is not possible to close yourself to the use of new technologies applied to your work areas.

Of course, accounting is part of this process where technology and the digital world have shown their advances. Currently, accounting uses programs that help to simplify processes, automate them and perform them with a margin of error practically null.

So, both clients and accountants take advantage of what it means to save time, improve their efficiency and be more productive with respect to accounting.

In that sense, MyT is one of those softwares that is responsible for streamlining the accounting processes. It is a mobile application that is responsible for generating invoices, generating spreadsheets with the collected data, calculating taxes and so on.

It can also inform clients of important developments regarding their accounting status.

In many cases, both accounting professionals and clients who use this type of service frequently underestimate the importance of this type of software in their activities.

Therefore, at My T we have compiled 7 reasons why you should use a receipt application and accounting software. They are listed below:

7 reasons why you should use a receipt application and accounting software.

  1. USING A SOFTWARE saves time

An application that functions as an accounting tool takes care of automating operational tasks, which translates into significant time savings.

MyT can synchronize the data and the accounting information that is introduced, in this way, your tasks are simpler and the whole process will be much more agile. Most importantly, accounting software offers the same quality of operations as those performed manually.

In general, with the possibilities of today’s technology it is possible to ease the workload and improve all accounting processes by automating tasks through specialized software.

In general terms, by saving time by automating tasks, it is possible to invest that time in attracting more clients or attending to problems that need your assistance. In any case, high-quality reporting and automation now go hand in hand.

  1. Keep all information up to date

Accounting software allows for efficient data collection. In the case of M&T, it is possible to generate spreadsheets from the information entered.

Not only that, being a software, it is possible to keep all the information updated at any time, even on different platforms. Then, being able to provide the accounting information that the client needs when he/she wants it gives you more efficiency to speed up all the corresponding procedures.

Then, it is possible to keep clients up to date with what is happening regarding their accounting. Not only that, information circulates faster among all interested parties. In general, it is a saving of effort thanks to all the activities simplified by the software.

  1.       Immediate access to all information

Digital media offer a great advantage: immediate access to information. MyT hosts the accounting information on its servers, which translates into availability at any time of the day from any location.

Then, it is enough to have Internet access to give the information you need to any client, make an important modification or attend any eventuality. This translates into greater efficiency in customer service and closeness to customers. All this, through the digital services of a platform as efficient as MyT.

  1.       Real-time interaction

The digital world has accustomed us to immediacy with respect to any task. Currently, access to the Internet and a cell phone is enough to have an answer to any question. So, companies that hire the services of an accountant expect to get that: speed, efficiency and immediacy.

Previously, gathering information, processing it and delivering the results was a process that took weeks due to communication issues and the collection of the necessary information. However, with the use of accounting software such as MyT it is possible to meet any requirement in record time.

In addition, the processing of information is much faster as it is possible to exchange data with clients in real time, whenever it is needed. MyT is the solution to streamline all processes in your work as an accountant.

  1.       Avoid accounting errors

The accounting work is very important as it has real implications in the economy of a company. That is to say, the company has full confidence in the accountants for the payment of remunerations, tax matters and others. Thus, a mistake can trigger more serious problems, generating even legal conflicts for the company.

Then, in addition to the problems that may arise for the company as a result of an error, your clients will most likely lose credibility in you. In that sense, errors in accounting processes are linked to the human factor, a calculation error, an error in a table or a simple oversight can have many consequences.

However, an application such as MyT offers the possibility of automating processes through an algorithm and artificial intelligence. This translates into a significant reduction of the human factor in the whole process. Thus, all tasks will have less risk of mistakes to have more control over what is being worked and the streamlining of information.

  1.       Optimize resources

Offering accounting services entails an effort and an investment of resources in personnel, paperwork, paperwork and more. Of course, like any company, an accounting services company also seeks to reduce costs in any way it can to achieve a better position in the market’s competitive scale.

So, a good way to optimize the resources available and be more competitive in terms of prices is precisely through an accounting software such as MyT. An application of this type represents a safe and reliable way to show a new way to customers regarding the accounting service.

Not only that, applications automate processes and MyT is very efficient in doing so, it has a very powerful artificial intelligence that simplifies tasks. This translates into staff savings, digitalization of documents that represents paper savings, immediate communication with customers that saves on administration and logistics. In short, it is a way to optimize resources and make the most of them.

  1.       SOFtware keeps all data more secure

The accounting data of a company is important information that talks about its performance, its economic solvency, the salary of its employees and so on. In other words, it is internal information that the company cannot afford to lose or have leaked to competitors, for example.

So, by entrusting your data to an accounting firm, you are putting in their hands a lot of relevant information that must be handled with great care. Therefore, security in these matters is very important.

The use of accounting applications or software such as MyT is a good way to guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided by the companies listed as clients. In general, MyT has secure servers that can keep your information well protected.


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