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MyT Comprehensive bookkeeping solution streamlined.

Trusted by thousands Companies

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Get a detailed, real-time view of your company's finances from one place.

Save hours of self assessment document preparation by automating your expenses.

Collect, organise and store your financial data easily and gain more time to devote to your business.

Bring all your invoices, bills, expenses and payments into one secure place.

Reduce errors and improve accuracy

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Trusted by thousands Companies

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Trusted by thousands Companies
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MyT is the proud winner of the Best Bespoke Accounting Performance App at the latest edition of the Artificial Intelligence Awards. We are thrilled that our hard work has been recognized!


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Trusted by thousands Companies

Accounting & Bookkeeping simplified

Save hours every day by eliminating manual data entry and automating your accounting processes so you can focus more on growing your business and increasing profit.

Get notified by alerts and reminders that will let you know how much tax you need to pay so that you will have to worry about missing important deadlines.

Enjoy the simplicity of a user-friendly interface that isn't bogged down in financial jargon and requires no expert accounting skills from your side in order to use it.

Trusted by thousands Companies
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AI-driven bookkeeping software for accountants utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to facilitate and optimize bookkeeping tasks. Designed with the accountant in mind, it streamlines accounting procedures to enhance productivity.

For accountants, this software interprets financial data, employing machine learning to execute bookkeeping tasks more efficiently. Notably, tasks like expense categorization become automated, and as the software is exposed to more data, its predictive accuracy improves.

The primary advantages for accountants include heightened efficiency, minimized manual workload, bolstered data accuracy, and deeper insights into financial metrics. It paves the way for accountants to allocate more time for intricate tasks and advisory roles while curbing potential errors.

Absolutely. AI-driven bookkeeping software is architected with stringent encryption techniques and adheres to top-tier security protocols, ensuring client financial data remains confidential and safeguarded.

For accountants catering to small businesses, this software is a game-changer. It alleviates manual bookkeeping burdens, amplifies data precision, and offers enriched financial insights. This empowers accountants to streamline client consultations, resulting in time and financial savings, and enabling more informed business strategy discussions.

The expenditure linked to AI-driven bookkeeping software fluctuates based on the provider and encompassed functionalities. While pricing structures vary—ranging from subscription models to per-user or per-transaction fees—MyT guarantees unparalleled value tailored to your financial capacity.

Not in the slightest. While AI-driven software can adeptly manage numerous bookkeeping activities, the expertise, analytical capability, and advisory prowess of a human accountant remain irreplaceable. The software, however, is an invaluable tool, granting accountants the latitude to prioritize intricate tasks and value-added services.

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Invoice Data Extraction up to
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2,500 documents p/month

Additional Clients (£3 per client)



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Invoice Data Extraction up to
5,000 documents p/month

Additional Clients (£2.5 per client)



per month

Invoice Data Extraction up to
10,000 documents p/month

Unlimited Clients

The tools you need to scale, included with every plan