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My T makes it easier than ever to run your business.

The decades of experience with convenience of AI makes it best in class.

How it works?

Simply! Just take a picture through the app, crop it and send it – we will take care of the rest. All accounting information gathered by the client while using My T app is added to his record and automatically uploaded to the secure accountants’ server. Depending on the type of subscription, data might be only stored or transferred to the data entry algorithm, where AI does its magic and extracts data from scans and pictures into an editable spreadsheet. Because of digitization our clients don’t have to worry about losing their receipts and invoices, even when they lose access to their smartphone.

Features incluide

Why my T?

My T was created to help micro businesses and their accountants keep and process all of their clients’ records efficiently. Adding up receipts will be a thing of the past. Just take a picture of your receipts and the rest will be done by My T and your accountant.

My T is not just a record keeping app, it is backed by AI augmented Optical Character Recognition algorithm, which allows us to efficiently extract relevant data from users’ uploads and convert it to spreadsheet format automatically. Data will be divided into accounts and ledgers, taking away the burden of manual entry.

Why our app

My T is the product of years of professional experience as an accountant. We’ve listened to our customers and delivered a solution they can all use. We want this to be a building platform for future development of a broader accounting solution

Regular updates

My T is fully supported with regular feature releases and updates. You’ll never be left with an ageing app again!

Simplicity at its core

We wanted to create the easiest and most seamless experience on the market that’s why My T is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Leaving you to get on with what matters most, making your business even more successful!

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For accountants

We also offer our services to accountants. My T app can be adapted to your liking, and can become a useful tool for you. We provide you with the app and server capacity to store your client’s data. You don’t have to worry about security – we take care of securing your data. Along the App you will get access to the Administration Portal, through which you can:

Manage your clients

Keep a database of your clients and their data in a secure place, and manage it from everywhere in the world.

Manage your business

Maintain control over your business wherever life takes you, through our administration portal which gives you quick access to all the vital information.

AI Accounting

Automatically convert client’s uploads into a ledgered spreadsheet format, containing all required accounting information.

Quick insights

Check whether your client paid his subscription fee and whether he is on track with the digitalisation of his records.

How My T could benefit you?

With My T you won’t have to invest in app development in order to comply with MTD legislation, as you will get a product that is fully ready to use and compliant with legislations. Furthermore, digital access to clients data saves you time, as you don’t have to wait for the client to drop in his documents. AI implementation saves you a lot of man hours of tedious manual data entry – the automatisation of this process allows you to grow your business larger without the need for extra man power. This is why we believe our product is tailored towards small and medium sized accounting practices.

Easy Accounting

My T makes it easier than ever to run your business. The decades of experience with convenience of AI makes it best in class..



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