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My T makes your accounting easier.

The AI backed data extraction makes it best in class.

My T App for Business

Simple and fast accounting

Easy to use accounting software for financial advisors with everything you need, minus what you don’t. Specifically designed for ease of data input for the advisor or assistant who does not have any bookkeeping or accounting experience or in case you don’t have enough time to waste. Make it simple with My T!

Features incluide

Why choosing us:

My T is designed for help accountants to process their clients’ financial records in record time. Collecting invoices, digitizing them, organizing data and more is a thing of the past. With My T  it is only necessary take a photo of your invoices and this data will quickly be organized in a spreadsheet.

If you’re looking for an affordable accounting option, it doesn’t get better than My T. With positive customer reviews  it’s no wonder this accounting app is so popular. It’s easy to jump straight in and start using My T, even with little previous accounting experience.

AI Backed Data Extraction

No more mess - With My T you can have all yours bills and receipts in one place, perfectly organized thanks to our AI backed data extraction.

Regular updates

My T is fully supported with regular feature releases and updates. You’ll never be left with an ageing app again!

Free bookkeeping app.

You just have to download our app and start using it to have all your bills, receipts and more well-organized.

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My T App for Business
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At My T we offer our services to accountants too, trying to make their lives easier. My T app can be adapted to your liking, and can become a useful tool for you. We provide you with a free bookkeeping app that uses AI to back up the data. You don’t have to worry about security – we take care of securing your data. 

Professional Invoice Creator

You won't have to worry about your invoices no more. Thanks to our software you can now make your professional invoice faster and easier.

Croydon Based Accounting Software

Simplify your accounting processes with an easy-to-use software.

AI Accounting

Automatically convert client’s uploads into a ledgered spreadsheet format, containing all required accounting information.

Quick insights

Check whether your client paid his subscription fee and whether he is on track with the digitalisation of his records.

How My T could benefit you?

With My T you won’t have to invest in app development in order to comply with MTD legislation, as you will get a product that is fully ready to use and compliant with legislations. Furthermore, digital access to clients data saves you time, as you don’t have to wait for the client to drop in his documents. AI implementation saves you a lot of man hours of tedious manual data entry – the automatisation of this process allows you to grow your business larger without the need for extra man power. This is why we believe our product is tailored towards small and medium sized accounting practices.

Easy Accounting

My T makes it easier than ever to run your business. The decades of experience with convenience of AI makes it best in class..