For Accountants

As an accountant, you will not only get access to the app- which offers extensive data management tools- but the administration portal too. Through this portal, you can:

movil app for accountants

Manage your clients

Keep a database of your clients, ensure their data is kept securely and manage it from anywhere in the world.

Manage your business

Maintain control over your business wherever life takes you. Our administration portal gives you quick access to all the vital information.

Automate Accounting Processes

Automatically convert client’s uploads into a ledgered spreadsheet format, containing all required accounting information.

Access Quick insights

Check whether your client paid their subscription fee and remain on top of their records easily and quickly.

How My T could benefit you?

With My T you won’t have to invest in app development in order to comply with MTD legislation. Instead, you will get a product that is fully ready to use and compliant with all ongoing legislation. Through digital access to clients’ data as well as AI implementation you’ll save a huge amount of time and avoid tedious annual data entry. Our product is tailored towards facilitating growth across small and medium sized accounting practices.