£ 1.00/mo on a 12-month plan

Manage your bookkeeping


MYT accounting tools allow small businesses, freelancers and accountants to handle accounts easily and improve financial performance year on year.

Boost The Efficiency Of Your Accounting Processes

Harness the power of Al with MYT. Our accounting software processes data quickly and easily, allowing
accountants to make faster decisions and companies to grow at an accelerated speed. Collecting invoices, digitizing them and organizing data is a thing of the past. Since MyT works with smartphones, you only need to take an image of your accounting records and upload it to our secure application. Accountants can then access this data, converted into an editable file, immediately.

Grow With MyT

Not only do the hours saved through automation allow you more time to dedicate to business development, but our integrations ensure that you stay on top of everything you need to in order to grow. From tax alerts to journey tracking, MYT is able to provide everything you need as a small

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App for accountants My T

Choose From 5 Flexible Subscription Options

MyT is an affordable subscription service with 5 flexible options to choose from. These options
differ in functionality, so you can pick the solution that best suits your needs at any one time
and scale up or down as needed.

What benefit does MyT offer you?

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Choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

We offer a free trial month so that you can experience all the tools that My T has to offer


£ 5.00/month

£ 1 00/month

on a 12 – month plan


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£ 1 00/month

on a 12 – month plan



How you can optimize your accounting work with MyT?

MyT adapts to your needs: our server has a spectacular capacity that can organize all information of your clients. Besides, our storage system is safe to handle the data of your companies, namely, we protect your data.

MyT is the ideal adaptable solution for any accountant. With the highest levels of security and capacity, you’ll easily be able to organize a large number of client’s

Our Al solution allows you to digitize information in record time and convert it to spreadsheets and quick editing and our alerts systems will inform you of all important updates. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to access all of this through our easy to use portal and app. 

Our App

Our team have years of experience in the accounting industry and we built MYT with experienced accountants at the centre.

Continuous updates

We are always updating our app and adding great new features. MyT is always at the forefront of technology!

Easy to use

Every aspect of MYT has been designed with user experience in mind. Improving the financial performance of your business can now be easier than ever.

Customer Help & FAQs

2. Invoice creation menu should pop up on your screen, fill in the data and choose the intended customer to send that invoice to

Note: if it’s a new customer, press the ‘Add’ button in the customer selection menu and fill in the data of the customer

1. Created invoice is sent to customer’s e-mail address

Note: you do not need to send an invoice straight away, you can keep it initially as a draft, draft invoices will be kept in ‘Draft Invoices’ sidebar tab 

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Accounting app that your clients will love!

MyT is an APP specially designed for help you
manage your companies’ information as an
accountant; and provide your clients with a
way to deliver the data to their accountants.

We offer top quality!

Make your customers happy with MyT: The
APP that uses Al to optimize the task of
processing data.

Our features will help you and your clients to
prosper by reducing the time spend
processing data.

With MyT:

Increase accountancy effectiveness

Secure your customers data and access it quickly from anywhere.

Mack large Transactions

Thanks to the data management capabilities of MyT, you can carry out many transactions in a short space of time .

Run reports with your database

Use the data you store with MyT to issue reports and later analyze them

Grow your business

Optimize your time with MyT and watch your business grow

My T and IA

We accompany your company in its digital transformation. Contact our agents at MyT and receive information about our services, technological solutions and memberships for your accounting work. Today, accounting specialists receive data and process it (usually) in a computer system, which in turn generates more data and instructions. These instructions may consist of paying or issuing an invoice, the rest of the data being entered into a series of financial and management reports for analysis. These reports are archived or analyzed to make decisions about the future direction of a company or a product. All of this could sometimes mean that trends in that data can be repeated with different inputs or changed to reflect a change in the market. This is, of course, a very simplistic view of what a finance department does.

See what MyT can do for your business.