How to become freelancer?

Freelancers and salaried workers: two types of workers. The vast majority of people have an office job and rarely change jobs in their lives. But freelancers we must deal with job and financial instability. But not always is in this way.

How do you get customers? Can you make money working from home? How to organize yourself so as not collapse? These are some of the questions you ask yourself when you are a freelancer … But they are not difficult to answer.

When we start in the freelance world, we find endless opportunities and options to choose from. Deciding to be a freelancer is a great responsibility that we assume. This work has disadvantages it also has advantages.

The beneficial aspects are the main reason why many of us agreed to be part of this world. At the end of this guide, you will be able to start working as a freelancer professionally.

And if you are already a freelancer, you will discover how to better position yourself in the job market and retain customers for longer.

Make money as a freelancer

How to be a freelancer without experience?

Before starting to be freelancers, we must take into account when and how our transition moment will be. We must establish how much time we are going to dedicate to this. Besides, if we will do freelancers job part – time or not. Taking into account several factors such as money and time, we can know when is the right time to start and say I am a freelance.

When we start our journey we are freelancers without experience. So we will encounter some obstacles, but that should not be a reason to fall. Key to being successful in the freelance world is don’t give up and take advantage of every opportunity we have.

Show your best skills.

To start working as a freelancer, you need to explore all your creativity. You need recognize your personal and professional knowledge, and continually train. Its important that we are clear: Being a freelance has advantages and disadvantages. Some positive aspects are:

  • Work from your home.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Being able to work on different projects at the same time.

However you will see some not very positive aspects, for example:

  • Not generating constant income.
  • Vacation days will not be paid.
  • Difficulty getting a job.

There is no right time to start freelance work. In fact, you can build your career from scratch by working as a freelancer.

Work at Home

What do I need to become a freelancer?

Determine your best ability as freelancer

Choose your skill area correctly, a niche that is unique and add value to it. If you studied or are passionate about graphic design, focus on that activity, specialize, train, innovate, improve within it.

The more unique in a certain field or skill / profession you are, the more chances you have of being hired.

Focus on an activity

Try to position yourself in your skill and don’t branch out unnecessarily. Nobody knows everything, all the time. Covering areas outside of our abilities will only waste time, money and quality.

The ideal is to focus on the chosen niche, and constantly train yourself within that area or other related areas.

Outperform your freelancers competitors

Be aware of your own personal standards and strive to outsmart the competition. Surpass yourself and give the maximum in terms of quality and responsibility. The same thing happens in the online world as in the offline world. We must know what our competition does, investigate them and exceed them.

Price is not the only variable, I would say it is the least. Setting goals, ordering yourself, improving times, innovating and delivering work on time will make us more reliable, credible and accepted. Offering quality puts us above the competition.

Select properly each job offer you receive

Avoid offers that sound promising and too good to be true. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to questionable projects. You don’t have to work with every client that comes along.

If in the first days this seems like a luxury, bad customers are not good for your business. Those clients are going to be the difficult ones to work with and they won’t fully defend their services. An exploitative client is going to sap your energy and undermine the well-being of being a freelancer.

Worst of all, they will take away valuable time that could be better spent with clients than if they are worth it.

Value your time and effort as freelancer

Make Your Job Worth: Familiarize yourself with current prices or costs to avoid being duped or led to work for pennies.

Motivation as the main point

We are determined and sure to be a freelancer, but will we fulfill what we want?

That’s when motivation comes in. Motivation must be our impulse every day to achieve our final goal, whether it be independence, become a successful freelancer, acquire some material good.

We know that this is not a matter of one or two months, it can take up to years. The important thing is to be focused on our greatest goal and not lose motivation.

Take some time for yourself

In this article, not everything is about work, being freelancers we must also take some time for ourselves. Whether it’s listening to music, doing sports, going to the movies, going to the beach or just relaxing at home. It is important that this advice is also followed as it helps us to free ourselves of all the stress that we acquire during work.

Don’t feel guilty about relaxing, this is also a way to contribute to work. Many times the best ideas come from a moment of rest.

Establish a financial plan

Being a freelancer does not absolve us of taxes and basic services. That is why we must allocate a percentage to each debt we have, so that at the end of the month we are not worried about it. The ideal is to pay off these debts little by little to be able to solve them and maintain a stable economy.

This way when we don’t have a job or our payment hasn’t arrived, we’ll have a way to cope.



Many people get frustrated on their way to becoming freelancers, you must not despair. You have to know that if you are a newbie, chances are high that it will take a while to be hired. But this is no reason to abandon your goals.

Follow our tips to become a freelance professional. Also, if you work in the accounting area, My T is an ideal APP to help you organize your work.

Check out our blog to learn more tips.



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